Car Alarm Keeps Going Off!!! Why And What To Do?

There is probably nothing more annoying than a car alarm that does not stop. The constant and repetitive shrill is enough to make your ears …

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How Long Does It Take For Car ECU To Relearn Things?

So, you reset your cars ECU. You may have done this intentionally, or you may have done this on an accident. Well, now it has …

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Variable Valve Timing Solenoid Symptoms

Variable Valve Timing Solenoid (VVT) Symptoms

We often take for granted all of the behind the scenes and under the hood technology that our cars use today. There have been many …

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What Does It Mean If Your Seat Belt Won’t Pull Out?

Wearing a seat belt is non-negotiable. It has been proven beyond a doubt that wearing a seat belt can and will save your life in …

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How To Reset Power Folding Mirrors?

Most larger vehicles these days have mirrors that can fold in. These are pretty common on SUVs and trucks from many different brands. The main …

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What Transfer Case Do I Have

What Transfer Case Do I Have? What Is It And How It Work?

You’ve probably asked yourself “what transfer case do I have”? If you have no idea what a transfer case is, you’re not alone. In this …

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